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Conferences Preview - WI Spring Conference & Carolinas Spring Conference

Posted by Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Mar 12, 2019 3:25:00 PM

WI ESOP ChapterAt the Wisconsin ESOP Spring Conference this week, our Blue Ridge professionals, Beth Bauer and Pam Themar, will be speaking together about the "Administrative Top 10 Reasons your TPA gets Called". In this session, a discussion will be led on a list of hot topis that can occur through the life of an ESOP.

Carolina_ChapterAt the Carolinas ESOP Spring Conference,  Dolores Lawrence will be answering "Distribution Dilemmas" questions such as: What do I do if participants won't cash their distribution checks? How do I pay out death benefits to minors? I hear the DOL thinks I'm responsible for finding unlocatable participants who are due benefits. What if I can't find them? Who do I have to pay now if an ESOP loan is outstanding?...These questions were addressed hoping to ease distribution headaches.

Topics: Plan Design, Distributions