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Upcoming Conferences: Illinois, Indiana, Southwest Chapters

Posted by Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Mar 2, 2020 4:22:37 PM

IllinoisLogoBlue Ridge professionals, Chad Guzinski and Renee Stadtmueller will be attending Illinois Chapter - 2020 Spring Conference in Champaign, IL on March 5. Renee will be speaking about "ESOP Accounting and Administration" which will focus on key ESOP administration and compliance considerations and the GAAP accounting treatment. Topics covered include allocation methods, funding strategies and distribution policies, diversification, segregation of terminated participants, and the respective financial statement and GAAP treatment.

IndianaLogoAlex Grasser will be attending the Indiana Chapter Spring in Carmel, IN on March 5-6.  Alex will be a part of the panel for "Ask the Experts ~ A Q&A for Non-Management Employee Owners". This session will be geared towards non-management employee owners who have any technical questions about ESOPs. Perhaps you don’t understand how your stock value is determined; or perhaps you are confused about the plan summary description; or perhaps you are able to diversify and you don’t know what that means. Whatever your question or concern is regarding the technical aspect of an ESOP or your role and responsibility as an employee owner, bring it to this session.

SouthwestLogoThe Southwest Chapter - 2020 Spring Conference & Awards Ceremony will be on March 6 and Chad Guzinski and Dolores Lawrence will be in attendance. Dolores will be on the panel discussing "Challenges as Your ESOP Matures" which will deal with have/have not issues, repurchase obligations, executive comp, releveraging and more.