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Build Your Ownership Culture with Your Annual ESOP Statement

Posted by Tom Roback, Jr.

Jan 22, 2015 3:18:17 PM

Your company makes a significant contribution to employees’ ESOP accounts each year. Why not seize the opportunity the statement distribution process provides to build your ownership culture?  
Being able to read and understand your ESOP statement is a key to recognizing the benefits of employee ownership. If a participant can’t read his ESOP statement, he doesn’t understand how the plan benefits him nor recognize the ESOP’s value to himself, his family and the company. Without that knowledge, employees are unlikely to take action to improve customer service, product quality and company productivity and profitability.   In other words, your firm is losing the benefits of employee ownership.
You may be going through your annual ESOP process right now. This is a great time to start thinking about how you’d like to utilize your statements to build understanding of and enthusiasm for your ESOP’s benefits. You can make the statement distribution process a key element in building your firm’s ownership culture.
Blue Ridge’s practical, customized ESOP communication and education services enable you to make the most of the statement distribution process. We work with you to
  • Design a strategy to build a practical, real-world understanding of your ESOP
  • Decide what’s important for your company to communicate
  • Determine when and how to communicate your ownership message
  • Develop materials and a process to use your ESOP statement to
o   Ensure participants know the ESOP benefits they received
o   Build a line-of-sight between employee, company and ESOP success
o   Illustrate how employee actions drive ESOP stock value
o   Generate enthusiasm for ESOP ownership’s benefits
o   Enhance your firm’s ownership culture
For more than twenty-five years, Blue Ridge communication professionals have successfully worked with ESOP companies to communicate the benefits of ownership.
If you’d like to discuss how to make the most of your annual ESOP statement, please contact Tom Roback at or (434) 220-7947.