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BREA Professionals at Upcoming Technical Presentations

Posted by Laura Sadikoglu

Aug 15, 2014 3:54:46 PM

Upcoming Technical Presentations 
13th Annual Tri-State ESOP Conference - Louisville, KY 
Ohio/Kentucky and Indiana Chapters of The ESOP Association
August 27, 2014 
"ESOP Administration Basics"

Dolores Lawrence, CPA, QKA  


15th Annual Fall ESOP Conference - Overland Park, KS

Heart of America Chapter of The ESOP Association 

September 4, 2014 

"ESOP Trends"

ESOP Midwest Conference - Oak Brook, IL
IL/IA/NE/MN/Dakotas/WI Chapters of The ESOP Association
September 11-12, 2014
"Basic ESOP Distribution Rules" 


Fall Conference - Nashville, TN 

New South Chapter of The ESOP Association

September 17-18, 2014

"Equity Compensation Basics for Private Companies"

Tom Roback, CEP, QKA


19th Annual Multi-State ESOP Conference - Scranton, PA
PA/DE & NY/NJ Chapters of The ESOP Association
September 17-18, 2014
"The Annual Update Process - From Stock Price Determination to Participant Statements"  
 Barbara Clough, QPA, QKA
Annual Fall Conference - Mystic, CT
New England Chapter of THE ESOP Association

October 2-3, 2014
"Managing Repurchase Obligation"

The S Corporation ESOP Seminar - Philadelphia, PA


October 7-8, 2014
"What You Need to Know about the 409(p) Anti-Abuse Regulations"

Dolores Lawrence, CPA, QKA


2014 California/Western States Chapter Conference - Disneyland/Anaheim, CA

California/Western States Chapter of The ESOP Association

October 8-10, 2014

"Basic ESOP Administration"

Randy Shrake, QKA


2014 Annual Conference - Honolulu, HI
Hawaii Chapter of The ESOP Association
October 9, 2014
"The Four 'Rs' - Rebalancing, Reshuffling, Recycling and Redemption"

Barbara Clough, QPA, QKA  

Annual Fall Conference - Charlottesville, VA
Mid-Atlantic Chapter of The ESOP Association
October 17, 2014
"Distribution, Diversification, and Segregation Challenges" 
ASPPA Annual Conference 2014 - National Harbor, MD
October 26-29, 2014  

"Identifying ESOP Opportunities"

Tom Roback, CEP, QKA


2014 Las Vegas Conference and Trade Show - Las Vegas, NV
The ESOP Association
November 13-14, 2014

"401(k)/ESOP Integration Issues"
Friday, 10:30 a.m.

"We are not that Young Anymore - Issues of Mature ESOPs"  
Friday, 10:30 a.m.

"When Bad Things Happen to Good Participants"
Friday, 2:00 p.m. 


NCEO Webinar  

November 25, 2014
"ESOP Distribution Policies"