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Upcoming Conferences: New South & Iowa/Nebraska ESOP Chapters

Posted by Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Feb 10, 2020 4:56:24 PM

NewSouthLogoBlue Ridge professionals, Tom Roback and Carla Klingler will be attending The New South Chapter 2020 Spring Conference in Chattanooga, TN on February 26-27. Carla will be speaking about "ESOP Basics" to help everyone from first time conference attendees to those who need a refresher course on the basics of ESOPs. This session will give attendees a better understanding of how an ESOP works, why ESOP companies are so great, and what you can do to make yours better!  Registration closes February 19, so make plans to register this week.

IowaNebraskaLogoChad Guzinski and Scott Freund at the 2020 Winter Conference for The Iowa Nebraska Chapter. Scott will be presenting at the Breakout Session #1 about "Planning for the ESOP Repurchase Obligation". The discussion will center about what is important for ESOP companies to understand and the key drivers which affect the magnitude and timing of the ESOP repurchase obligation. The presentation is set to cover the process of completing a repurchase obligation forecast, as well as assumptions which affect the outcome and the impact that specific ESOP plan provisions have on repurchase obligation. Registration closes February 17, so make plans to register this week.