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Refresh Your Annual Statement Routine

Posted by Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Apr 2, 2015 11:44:00 AM

Refresh_ButtonIs it time to hit the “refresh button” when it comes to distributing ESOP statements? If you or your company’s ESOP Committee are looking for new ways to successfully communicate the value of your ESOP benefit and strengthen your ownership culture, one of the engaging, customized sessions described below will meet your needs.  

TION-Ting Your ESOP – Using your ESOP’s specifics, this session communicates the TIONs of employee ownership (e.g., contribution, allocation, valuation, distribution) and the TING (vesting). This successful session educates employees, builds enthusiasm for ownership and turns your ESOP into a plan that makes the TING a TION (i.e., vesting becomes an employee retention tool).

The Power of One Dollar – Build the line-of-sight between employees’ daily activities, company success and ESOP stock with this practical event. Through real-world illustrations, this interactive session asks participants to explore the valuation from the inside out. Employees gain an understanding of the drivers of business success, key factors in the annual valuation and specific examples of how job-level activities connect to ESOP rewards.

What Does it Mean to Be an Owner -- The power of shared ownership strengthens when everyone in the company understands their roles and responsibilities in your ESOP’s success.  Through a facilitated discussion, this session clarifies company governance, role of the ESOP trustee and, most importantly, the critical job every employee has in your ESOP’s success.  

Play the ESOP Game -- Accelerate employee owners’ understanding of what drives stock value, review ESOP mechanics and build business knowledge with this interactive, practical simulation. Employee owners work in teams to run a simulated ESOP company, experiencing the challenges of growing ESOP stock value, responding to an unpredictable business environment and managing ESOP-specific challenges like repurchase obligation.

Great Game of Ownership Challenge – If your employees think they know it all about your ESOP, this fun, engaging session is for you. Working in teams, in a game-show-like format, employee owners answer questions about your ESOP, your business, and employee ownership. Participants have fun competing for prizes while learning and reinforcing their understanding of the key concepts they need to know to be effective ESOP owners.  

Understanding Our Numbers— Discussing company performance requires a common language. Financial concepts and terms may be a foreign language to those who don’t use them in their daily work. Via hands-on illustrations, this session teaches employees the key terminology and metrics used to track company performance, connecting your business success with ESOP stock value.

To discuss how to bring one of these ESOP activities to your company, please contact Tom Roback at or (434) 220-7947.

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