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Thank You Blue Ridge Staff!

Congratulations DAI on 50 Years

ESOP Companies Making a Difference During Pandemic Continues

CEFEX-ASPPA Recordkeeper Certification Renewed for Blue Ridge

Washington Alert: TEA Advocacy Helps Score Major Win for ESOPs

ESOP Companies Making a Difference During Pandemic

NCEO Virtual Annual 2020 Conference

April 2020 - Washington Alert from The ESOP Association

Tom Roback - Plan Administration & COVID-19

Is a Merger/Acquisition in your Future?

IRS/DOL Corner - March 2020

COVID-19 Updates

The Future of Employee Ownership through ESOPs

Small Business Paycheck Protection Program and Loan Forgiveness


Pandemic Preparedness

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates promotes Scott Freund

Upcoming Conferences: Illinois, Indiana, Southwest Chapters

ICYMI - Challenges & Benefits of Employee-owned Small Businesses

Upcoming Conferences: New South & Iowa/Nebraska ESOP Chapters

ACEC New York: Supporting ESOP Expansion

Great News for Connecticut Architectural Firms

How to Calculate Your Annual Share Release

Your SPD Questions Answered

New Plan Limits for 2020

IRS/DOL 2019 - 4th Quarter Updates

What are Deemed Distributions?

Keeping Up with Terminated Participants

My employee is getting divorced, now what?

Fall 2019: Blue Ridge Professionals - Las Vegas Conference & Tradeshow

Upcoming Meeting: Mid-Atlantic Summer Breakfast Meeting with Senator Ben Cardin

NCEO Fall 2019 - In-Person Meetings and Webinars

Upcoming Conference: The Northwest Chapter - ESOP Conference

Welcome Alexander Grasser to Blue Ridge

Upcoming Meeting: Mid-Atlantic Summer Breakfast Meeting with Senator Ben Cardin

Employee-Owned Companies - Receiving Support for Expansion

Happy 4th of July from Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Keeping a Company Independent - An ESOP Success Story

Summer 2019: Blue Ridge Professionals at Upcoming Conferences

Form 5500 – Small Plan Audit Waiver

June 2019 - IRS/DOL Corner

Capital Trustees Podcast featuring Blue Ridge ESOP Associates - Published Podcast

Upcoming Conferences: WI ESOP - 2019 Summer Meeting & the 2019 Vermont Employee Ownership Conference

Upcoming Event: Hawaii Chapter - Summer Luncheon

Capital Trustees Podcast featuring Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Maine Legislator Introduces Pro-Employee Ownership Bill

Upcoming Conference: The 42nd Annual ESOP Association National Conference

Upcoming Conferences: NIPA Annual Forum & Expo & New England Chapter's CEO Conference


Upcoming Conferences: Heart of America & Ohio Employee Ownership Conference

Michigan ESOP Chapter's - Annual Spring Conference

Paying Plan Expenses – Best Practices

Academics from around the world convene at the Mid-Year Fellows Workshop in Honor of Louis O. Kelso

Communicating Statutory Diversification

Blue Ridge Professionals at Spring Conferences

Conferences This Week - New England Spring Conference, PA/Delaware Spring Conference & Southwest Chapter Spring Conference

Conferences Preview - WI Spring Conference & Carolinas Spring Conference

Conferences in Review - IL Spring Conference & Mid-Atlantic Spring Conference

New South Conference - Repurchase Obligation Studies

Bridging the Gap - Financing ESOP Transactions

Welcome Carla Klingler & Beth Bauer to Blue Ridge

Working with your TPA to manage your ESOP Administration Calendar/Year - Webinar

The ESOP Executive Compensation Survey

Company Tours with New Representatives

Happy Holidays from Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Getting Ready for Changes in Hardship Distribution Rules

The Importance of a Beneficiary Form

Required Minimum Distributions – What you need to know

December 2018 - IRS/DOL Corner

New Study Finds S ESOP Plan Participants Have Twice as Much Saved for Retirement

Happy Thanksgiving

2018 Vegas Conference - Blue Ridge ESOP Associates

Time to Celebrate - Employee Ownership Month

A Pro-ESOP bill has been signed into Law.

Summary Plan Description – A Participant’s Right, Your Responsibility

Fall 2018 Conferences

September 2018 - IRS/DOL Corner

Heart of America's 19th Annual Fall ESOP Conference

"Main Street Ownership Act" is Law!

Congressional District Work Schedule for Fall 2018 Employee Owned Company Visits

NCEO Employee Ownership Index Doubles S&P Performance for Its First Year

Happy 4th of July

June 2018 - IRS/DOL Corner

Save Time and Money in Handling Distributions

Basic ESOP Training - NCEO Online Course

Forbes - Best Employers in America

Employee-Owned Company Invites Governor for a Tour

New York's - "Main Street Employee Ownership Act"

32nd Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference

2018 ASPPA Eastern Regional Conference - Philadelphia

Heart of America's Annual Spring St. Louis ESOP Seminar

2018 Employee Ownership Conference

The ESOP Association & Dolores Lawrence

Blue Ridge Professionals at Spring Conferences Nationwide

Who Is Considered a Corporate Officer?

March ESOP Madness:  Ready to Make the Most of Your Annual Participant Statements?

March 2018 - IRS/DOL Corner

State Senate Bill Introduced in Maryland

ESCA Congressional Visit at Salem Distributing

The Importance of the ESOP Timeline

Hey Employee Owner:  Do You Know Your Role and Responsibilities?

Year-End Annual Request Process Enhanced

Beneficiary Designations - Best Practices

Reminders for Preparing and Filing your Form 945 & 1099s

IRS/DOL Corner - December 2017

2018 Limits announced by the IRS and SSA

Representative Dave Brat - Sponsors HR2092

ESCA Podcast for Latest on Tax Reform

Vegas Time

Capital Trustees Podcast Interview with Tom Roback

Lunch Seminar: Cybersecurity in the Retirement Plan World

2017 California/Western States ESOP Fall Conference

2017 New England ESOP Fall Conference

New South & Carolinas Chapters Fall ESOP Conference

2017 Southwest ESOP Conference

2017 Northwest ESOP Fall Conference

Upcoming 2017 Fall Conferences

IRS/DOL Corner - Hurricane Relief

Lost Participants

Communicate the ESOP Advantage to Recruit and Retain Employees

The Importance of a Distribution Policy

What exactly is the Summary Annual Report and what do I do with it?

Washington Post Opinion Page: It’s time to balance the power between workers and employers

2017 Multi-State ESOP Conference

ESCA: District Visits Report

NCEO Webinar: Handling the Repurchase Obligation: Forecasting

NCEO: The Oconomowoc ESOP Nuts and Bolts Seminar

2017 Midwest ESOP Conference

Heart of America's 18th Annual Fall ESOP Conference

OEOC Webinars for ESOP Companies

ESCA: Congressional Visit

Tom Roback Radio Interview about ESOPs

OH/KY ESOP Chapter Thoroughbred Conference

The NCEO Fall ESOP Forum

Should Twitter’s Employees and Customers Buy the Company?

Congressional Site Visits (5 Steps)

Business Radio Show Featuring Tom Roback's

A City Focusing on ESOPs to Save Jobs

Protect your ESOP from Fraud with Fidelity Bond Coverage

IRS/DOL Corner - Hardship Withdrawals & Legislative Activity

Communicating Your ESOP

ESCA: Survey Showing a Secret to Confident Employees


40th Annual Conference

National and International

31st Annual Ohio Employee Ownership Conference

Exit Planning Institute Meeting - Speaker: Tom Roback

Important Update from ESCA

Blue Ridge ESOP Associates - Welcomes Renee M. Stadtmueller

2017 ESOP Association Spring Conferences & Blue Ridge Speakers

Review Your Plan’s Language Regarding Diversification

ESOP Hours of Service

New Study Shows Great Success with ESOP Acquisitions

SBA 7(a) Guaranteed Loans helping promote employee ownership

IRS/DOL Corner - February 2016

Danger, Danger! Sharing Business Information to Build the Line of Sight

U.S. Chamber Includes ESOPs in Legislative Roadmap

Down Home Capital

2017 Employee Ownership Conference

ESOP Loans: Internal vs. External

Welcome Mason Monson

Happy Holidays

Congratulations to the newest employee owners


Cash Flow Required to Fund the Internal ESOP Note

Dividend Rules for ESOP Companies

Potential Tax Savings from a Lump Sum Distribution of Stock

IRS/DOL Corner - November 2016

2016 Las Vegas ESOP Conference and Trade Show

Mid-Atlantic/Carolinas ESOP Chapter Fall 2016 Conference

Rotary Club - New Jersey

Finance Vendor of the Year

Remembering 9/11 - Inside the Pentagon

New Study Urges Governors to Grow ESOPs

2016 New South Fall ESOP Conference - Don't Miss This Session

2016 Multi-State ESOP Conference - Don't Miss These Sessions

2016 Midwest Regional ESOP Conference - Don't Miss These Sessions

Don't Forget the Share Certificates

Form 5500

ESOP Account Projections: the Third Rail of ESOP Communications?

Employee Ownership, ESOPs, Wealth, And Wages

NCEO 2016

ESOP Ownership, The Meow Solution

Recent Updates for Safe-Harbor 401(k) Plans

2016 Mid Atlantic Chapter Spring Conference - Don't Miss These Sessions!

OH/KY ESOP Chapter Annual Spring Conference - Don't Miss This Session!

Southwest Chapter Awards Banquet & Spring Conference

Indiana ESOP Chapter 2016 Annual Conference - Don't Miss This Session!

The Wisconsin Chapter of The ESOP Association Annual Spring Conference

Iowa-Nebraska ESOP Chapter 2016 Winter Conference - Don't Miss This Session!

From the NCEO...

Resolve to be SMART and Make More of Employee Ownership

Form 5500 – The Good News and the Bad News

Your ESOP and S Corporation Distributions

IRS Advisory Committee - Survey Request

2015 Las Vegas ESOP Conference and Trade Show

Mid-Atlantic ESOP Chapter Fall 2015 Conference

IRS/DOL Corner 2016 Updates

Conquer the Turbulent Waters of ESOP Ownership

The Impact of 401(k) Plan Design on Company Culture